WhatsApp Riddle: Find Mastani Among Kashibai

Finding the cat is outdated; Now find Mastani among Kaashibai. The movie Bajirao Mastani inspired several jokes and the social media was going absolutely crazy with different jokes on Bajirao, Mastani and Kashibai. Mastani was played by Deppika Padukone whereas Kashibai by Priyanka Chopra, Got this riddle in the morning on WhatsApp. in which your … Read more

WhatsApp Picture Riddle: Can You See a Third man in the Photo

Share it when you see the third man. In the photo below you will see 2 men very clearly but the third one is hidden. Can you find the hidden man in the photo? If you find it you have brilliant observation skills. Share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to test the … Read more