Whatsapp Number Puzzle: If 1 = 3, Then 6 = ?

Time to exercise your brains. Have fun solving this numerical puzzle. Forward it on Whatsapp groups to have more fun with friends. Look at the below equations and find the next number in the series. IF 1 = 3 2 = 3 3 = 5 4 = 4 5 = 4 then 6 = ?

Whatsapp Riddle: Steve and Mark Birthday Mystery

Use your logical skills to come up with an answer to this riddle. Steve and Mark are twin brothers. Steve is elder to Mark by 2 minutes. Once Steve celebrates his birthday on his birth date and after a day in between Mark celebrates his birthday on his birth date. How can it be possible???

Whatsapp Riddle: A couple went for picnic

Question asked in UPSC Exam A couple went for picnic. They have 5 sons and each son has 7 sisters and each sister has 3 babies. So in total how many people went for the picnic? Solve quickly without Calculator. So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section

Prove: A+B+B+B+80+90=100

Got this really good riddle with a twist on WhatsApp today. The only hint i can give is only people who know Hindi will be able to solve this. So non-hindi speaking people don’t even try this… Prove: A+B+B+B+80+90=100 No negative value or fraction figures are allowed. Try & Reply: So were you able to