Brain Teaser: Crack the Coded Message: YYURYYUBICURYY4ME

Use your code cracking skills to decipher the message given in the riddle. A spy sends an encoded message to the police officer and challenges him. He says “If you can crack this, you are smarter than me” The coded message is:  YYURYYUBICURYY4ME What message did the spy send? So were you able to solve … Read more

Encryption Riddle: Can You Decode This?

Good at cracking hidden and codded messages? Try your skills with this riddle. Can You Decode This? 25519 9 3114 4531545 920 Look at the numbers and try to decode the hidden message. Were you able to crack the message? Great, Now challenge your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook to solve the riddle. Find who … Read more