Logical Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First II

I got a slight variation of the previously published riddle Logical Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First. So a lot of people were messaging me that the answer given on the site is incorrect or there is a mistake in the new riddle, actually what there is a slight modification that has been done. I

Logical Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First?

Leave your answers in the comment section below. Look at the picture and answer which of the tanks will be full first? I am sure you must have received this tank riddle on WhatsApp by now. So if you got the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking

Top 10 Riddles and Puzzles of 2016 (1 to 5)

As promised I am back with the Top 10 list. If you have missed the top 6 to 10 you can check them here. Here is a list of Top 5 riddles and puzzles of 2016. 5. How Many Triangles Can You See In The Figure Below? Count the number of triangles in the picture

Top 10 Riddles and Puzzles of 2016 (6 to 10)

2016 has been great and we are reaching the¬†end of the year. At this time, I decided to look back for a moment and find out the best of the riddles and puzzles of the year. The ranking is purely decided on the amount of buzz it created online. So here’s the list of the

The Top 5 Riddles & Puzzles of 2016 (Jan to June)

We are half way through 2016. A good time to check look back and see what riddles you liked and shared. The top riddles are decided solely by the page views that the riddle has got. Page Views can be directly related to likeability of the riddle. As more the people like it more they