IIM Interview Question: Nine Children Activity Quiz

Question from IIM interview: As per unknown sources, this question was asked in an IIM interview. There are nine children in the house and only them in the house so A is ironing B is watching tv C is cooking D is playing chess E is bathing F is listening radio G is sleeping I

IIT Question: How Will You Choose the Correct Tablets

IIT Question: I give you 4 tablets which contain 2 for fever and 2 for cold. All 4 have same size, shape, taste, weight and color and No cover.. You have to take 1 cold and 1 fever tablet right now. How will you choose the tabs correctly??? There is no funny answer. Think!! So were you able to

Whatsapp Riddle: Guess this 9 Letter Word

Read the hints given in the riddle and guess the word. It is a 9 letter word- 123456789, If u lose it you die, If you have 234, you can 1234, 56 is one type of disease, 89 indicates exact location & time, 2 & 7 are same letter, 3 & 8 are same letter,