Whatsapp Riddle: Complete the Sequence

See the image and find ? You have to Complete the given Sequence in the image. Answer to Complete the Sequence: Number the alphabets from 1 to 26 from A to Z. So A would be 1, B 2, C 3 so on till Z which would be 26. Now lets get back to the […]

Heart Touching Short Film Umbartha

Morals, immorality and the Society are 3 elements in this intriguing award winning short film. How can an innocent child. Ashish (7) understand this?A story about a widow Sudha (26) and her son Ashish (7) who wants to go out on Sunday with his mother. Mother does not take him out and gives strict instructions, […]

Happy Rakhshabandhan to all

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that celebrates the love and affection between a brother and a sister. On this auspicious  day, the sister tie rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother\’s wrist which symbolises the sister\’s love and prayers for her brother\’s well-being, and the brother\’s lifelong vow to protect her. As per the Hindu calander, […]

Whatsapp Puzzles: Guess the English Movie Names From Emoticons and Smileys

Create puzzles and Riddles with Whatsapp emoticons and smileys…and send it to friends and let them crack the puzzles. Here\’s one more that\’s doing rounds now. This one is a real tough one. The difficulties are getting crazier with these emoji puzzles. For other puzzles you would usually find a solution on Google but finding […]