Brainteaser: How Did the History Teacher Die?

Let’s test how well you studied during your school days, with the help of this riddle. 2 Teachers walk into a bar. They both place their order with the bartender as; Chemistry Teacher: I will have H2O. History Teacher: I will have H2O, too. The History Teacher died as soon as he finished his drink.

Fun Word Brainteaser: Unscramble the Words

How good is your vocabulary? Find out with the help of this riddle. Unscramble the words to get words that we regularly use. 1. rcahegr 2. ntnteire 3. ogiln 4. aspsrdwo 5. kesatbraf 6. peels 7. psogsip 8. cfeaokbo 9. tswapap 10. rniteau 11. llepconeh 12. taad 13. ogoleg 14. aboredyk 15. lotpap So were

Fun Number Riddle: Find the Sum of the Weights

Look at the given equations in the riddle and find the value of ?. in the picture you will see dog, cat and rabbit faces representing their weights. From all the given information, find out the sum of their weights. So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section

Logical Riddle: How Did The Prisoners Escape?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Sam and Jack were arrested and locked in an isolated dungeon. They plan to escape, but the only window is 20 feet high. So they plan to dig their way out. After days of digging they finally escaped in a simpler way and not through the hole