Google Driverless Cars are Here

Last week, at a technology conference in California, Google unveiled the prototype  of its driverless car, a two-seater that has no steering wheel or any other driver controls. As others have noted, the idea of the driverless car – assuming it can be done right – is enormously attractive, and not just for the reasons […]

Turn Grease Into Fuel: Amazing Initiative by a 15 year old

Meet the girl who has changed a whole lot of lives with something we would just throw away. What do you do with your cooking oil after you use it? What does your favorite restaurant do with its used oil? Here\’s a young woman who saw that oily resource being wasted and decided to do […]

15 Awesome Ideas to Reuse Worn Out Tires

It is a shame to see tires lying around when you can reuse them in very creative ways. Looking at the way human are consuming every possible resource it\’s high time that we implement the 3 Rs which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By following simple interesting steps you can do your bit for the […]

9 Brilliant Ideas to Reuse Wine Bottles

Wine bottles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Ever thought of reusing or up-cycling them? Here are some ideas to get your creative senses activated. You can make all kind of attractive things with these wine bottles. If you like them share it with your friends. Lets Reduce the glass waste and put it […]

How to Hide Your Display Picture AND Status Through WhatsApp Settings?

Previously there was no way to hide your DP or Display pic or Profile Photo on Whatsapp through change in settings. But the new update on Whatsapp has made this possible. Many people are concerned about their privacy and are reluctant to put their photos as the display pic on Whatsapp. Whatsapp has not improved its privacy control […]

How to Hide the Last Seen Time Through WhatsApp Settings?

Previously there was no way to hide the last seen time on Whatsapp through change in settings. But the new update on Whatsapp has made this possible. Previously you were supposed to use third party applications or apps to get this done but now you can do it without any app. If you are tired of […]

Fin: Wearable Ring Makes your Palm as a Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface

We\’ve become so used to technology that it takes something truly remarkable to make us notice. Fin is a technological revolution that would surprise you. It\’s a tiny ring you can wear on your thumb and control pretty much every smart device you own including your phone, music player, camera and gaming systems. This really […]