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A Set of Whatsapp Hindi Word Riddles – Hindi Paheli

For all the fans of Hindi puzzles and riddles here are 20 riddles or paheliya that you can enjoy with. Crack them, forward them on your Whatsapp groups and have fun with your friends. Hindi Paheli No.1 Kali hai par Kaag Nahi Lambi hai par Naag Nahi Balkhati hai par Dor Nahi Bandhte hai par […] Continue reading →

Whatsapp Riddle: Guess this 9 Letter Word

It is a 9 letter word- 123456789, If u lose it you die, If you have 234, you can 1234, 56 is one type of disease, 89 indicates exact location & time, 2 & 7 are same letter, 3 & 8 are same letter, 5 & 9 are same letter. Guess the word!? Answer to […] Continue reading →

Whatsaap Riddle: Guess the Scrambled Words

Mind Game: Every question has 10 marks, Pass marks 60. CORRECT THE SPELLING. Q.1.rtwapne (a city) Q.2. airblz (a country) Q.3. amnos (profession) Q.4. Leukkcn (body part) Q.5. aiglcr (vegetable) Q.6. ntprhae (animal) Q.7. Labbrrkcye (fruit) Q.8. rnsglwite (sports) Q.9. iahkasr (celebrity) Q.10. iybclec (vehicle) U have only 1 hour and ur time starts Now.  One who answers 7-good,  8- very good, 9 excellent, 10 […] Continue reading →