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Whatsaap Riddle: Guess the Scrambled Words

Mind Game: Every question has 10 marks, Pass marks 60. CORRECT THE SPELLING. Q.1.rtwapne (a city) Q.2. airblz (a country) Q.3. amnos (profession) Q.4. Leukkcn (body part) Q.5. aiglcr (vegetable) Q.6. ntprhae (animal) Q.7. Labbrrkcye (fruit) Q.8. rnsglwite (sports) Q.9. iahkasr (celebrity) Q.10. iybclec (vehicle) U have only 1 hour and ur time starts Now.  One who answers 7-good,  8- very good, 9 excellent, 10 […] Continue reading →

Whatsapp Word Puzzle: Guess this Indian Name

Solve this, if u think…..u r brilliant..A) I am a 6 letter word(name)B) 1,4  letter means yourself.C) 2,3 letters is a country name.D) 2,5 is also a country name.E) Remove first two letters means hair.F) 6, 2, 1 letters means “we” in hindi.101% brain work.   Answer to Guess this Indian Name is as follows; B) 1,4  […] Continue reading →

Whatsapp Riddle: Guess the names of Indian States and Cities

Solve thisThese are a few Indian states and cities…guess and name them 1. Unmarried Girl2. Face3. No Zip.4. Go and come.5. Answer state.6. Green gate7. Kings coat8. Snake land9. Large Nation10. Place of kings11. Rhythm of eyes12. Come in evening13. Make juice14. Do drama Answer to Guess the names of Indian States and Cities 1. Kanyakumari 2. […] Continue reading →