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Who Am I Riddle: First 4 Letters Means Me

Read this Who Am I riddle carefully and guess the word. Solve this!! This is for all masterminds!! I’am a 6 letter word, First 4 is me, 2 and 6 are same letters, 1, 2, 6  means look, 4, 6, 2 means type of payment, Who am l? Hints: – youngster’s favorite….   Answer: First […] Continue reading →

Who Am I: I’m Used To Make Bread

Read the hints in the Who Am I riddle and guess the word. I am a five lettered word, I’m used to make bread. Remove one letter and I’ll burn you instead. Remove two and do this to your stew. Mix that around and a good drink we will brew. Who Am I? Answer:  I […] Continue reading →