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Who Am I: I Can Kill People

Read the hints in the Riddle and Guess the word. I am a 6 letter word I can kill people People can also travel on me 1,2,3,4 is an animal 3,2,1,5 helps reducing friction Who am I? Answer: The answer is Bullet Let’s see how it fits in the riddle. I am a 6 letter […] Continue reading →

Brain-Bats: Guess These Words From the Given Hints

Brainbats or Rebus are a kind of brain teaser where a combination of letter or word represent a word. You have to guess the meaning of the rebus by looking at the combination. They are fun and witty to solve. So I hope you enjoy solving them. Do share it with your friends on WhatsApp or Social […] Continue reading →

Guess The Word: I have five hands normally

Here is a tough Who am I riddle that you will enjoy solving. Think out of the box to crack this riddle. Read the hints below and guess the word. I have five hands normally. I can even have more hands, and still be considered normal. Who Am I? Answer: Poker table Continue reading →