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Rebus: Guess the Word From the Hints in the Riddle

Rebus are riddles where a word or a phrase is represented by a image, symbol or set of words. In this picture riddle you will see certain phrases that are represented in the pciture below; Can you guess these phrases? Once you were able to guess all 3 test your friends by sharing it on […] Continue reading →

Fun Riddle Games: Re-arrange These Scrambled Words II

Have fun with this word riddle games. There are 10 words scrambled and their meanings are mentioned in the brackets. If you get all 10 right your vocabulary is awesome. Here are the hints; UTLMNA (A City) RQIA (A Country) RNUES ( A Profession) ERLARIT (A Vehicle) LNSUG (A Body Part) ULSTO (A Flower) ANORGD […] Continue reading →