Spinning Dancer Optical Illusion: Clockwise or Anti Clockwise?

Look at the picture below and guess which direction is the dancer spinning? Is she spinning is the clockwise direction or is it the anti-clockwise? The Spinning Dancer, also known as the silhouette illusion, is a kinetic, bistable optical illusion resembling a pirouetting female dancer. The illusion, created in 2003 by web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara, … Read more

Optical Illusion: Grey Colored Box or Shades of Grey

Here’s One more optical Illusion which will confuse you. Look at the box inside and guess if it off the same color or a grey color gradient? Look again in the picture below in neutral background Perceptual constancies are sources of illusions. Color constancy and brightness constancy are responsible for the fact that a familiar object … Read more

Optical Illusions Created by Ukrainian Artist Oleg Shuplyak

Significant paintings by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak by double-image cause the resultant optical illusion. Initial objects in the pictures are converted into a portrait of the famous writer, actor or musician. Both images are play so skillfully with our imagination, that it becomes difficult to distinguish between two different in style and concept drawings. Hidden … Read more

Optical Illusion: A Man Or A Woman?

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. In the picture below what do you see? So … Read more