Guess the Movie Actor From the Name of the Character

Are you a movie buff? Prove it by solving this riddle without the help of Google search. Here are some names of popular movie characters. Can you guess the actor who played the character? Bella Swan (7, 7) Hermione Granger (4, 6) Jane Smith (8, 5) Vivian Ward (5, 7) Elise Reiner (3, 5) Gabriella

Find the Odd letter from this: A, Z, K, H, L, N, F, K

Share when you find the odd one. Mentioned below are some letters which have a common connection between them. But one of the letters does not share this connection. Find that Odd letter from the following: A, Z, K, H, L, N, F, K The answer is not A. Share this riddle with your friends on

Fun Riddle: How Many Months Have 28 Days?

Answer this fun riddle and leave your answers in the comment section. Some months have 30 days, Some months have 31 days, How many Months have 28 days?? If you know the answer just share it with your friends to have more fun. Answer: All month have 28 days so answer is 12 🙂

Maths GK: What’s So Special About The Number 40?

How well do you know the numbers?? Test your skill with this question. The number 40 is considered to be special by some. In the first million numbers, something make 40 stand out. Can you guess what it is? If you know the answer just share it with the friends and test their knowledge. So

Sports GK Riddle: Why Did Ronaldinho Lose Around Rs. 5 Crore?

Do you follows soccer? Here’s a riddle to test your knowledge about the soccer players. During 2012, RONALDINHO, the Brazilian Soccer Superstar appeared at a press conference. He was thirsty and took a sip of a drink kept in front of him. Immediately he lost approx. Rs.5 crores of INR. What happened? So were you