If a Dog were Your Teacher, You Would Learn Things Likeā€¦

Here is a wonderful excerpt that has been passed round and round from one dog lover to other. I received it by email again this morning. I enjoy reading it over and over and so thought I’d share it with all the dog lovers who still haven’t received this. If a Dog were Your Teacher, […]

Awesome Underwater Photos of Dogs

A famous photographer in California decided to take a few of his furry friends for a swim. With few balls as toys and a high resolution underwater camera he captures one of the best underwater pictures. Truly impressive and worth sharing.

A Heart Touching Poem By an Abandoned Pet

This one has been doing rounds on all the social networking sites and I found it really heart touching. If you like it, share it. A really important message is conveyed through this poem and even if this helps and saves one dog from being abandoned it would mean a lot. “Woof!” I said as […]