Rohit Shetty Spoof: Lage Raho Shetty Bhai

When Rohit Shetty, the director of money churning blockbusters comes to know that his films violate the laws of physics, he sets out on an eye-opening journey of logic and reasoning guided by a teacher he never expected to have. Created by: Arunabh Kumar Produced by: Prashant Raj Directed by: Amit Golani Co-directed and Written

Superstar Rajinikanth Joins Twitter Or Is it The Other Way

I was surprised to see the mail from Twitter yesterday. Thalaivar is now on Twitter. 348k Followers already. Pretty impressive. Screenshot of mail from Twitter.   Jokes or no jokes, Twitter India literally followed Rajinikanth when he finally joined the microblogging site on 5th May, announcing the opening of his verified account by welcoming the

Life of Aai: A Mother’s Day Special

What happens when God becomes insecure of the love and sacrifice a mother offers and tries to convince her to be something else in her next birth. Directed by: Deepak Mishra Written by: Biswapati Sarkar Edited by: Anmol Sachar DoP : Vaibhav Bundhoo Executive Producer : Arun Sharma Associate Director: Anandeshwar Dwivedi Assistant Directors: Amrit

Getting A House In Mumbai: How Far Can You Go?

If you have ever tried to find a rented place or interacted with a property broker in Mumbai or any major city of India you will easily relate with this video. The quest of finding the perfect dream place in Mumbai is more challenging than it seems to be. Go ahead and enjoy the short

The Breakup: An Award Winning Short Film

The Breakup is a sweet short film which will entertain you. Its a story of two best friends and their discussions about a recent break up. Winner: Best Film – Pocket Film’s Love Ke Side Effects Film Contest 2014

Appu Iyer Finds it Hard to Gel With the Changing Trends

‘Status Updated’ revolves around an introvert Appu Iyer, who finds it hard to gel with the changing trends in the current generation. He is hopelessly addicted to social networking sites, & quite desperate to get married. Though he is ready to take the challenges with a positive mind frame, the question remains whether Appu would