Fun With Numbers Riddle: Find the Missing Number

Don’t forget to have fun with numbers, with this riddle you can have some quality time with your friends and family. Below you will see a series of equations, where the operator is used differently. Find the usage of the operator in the first 3 equations and then find the missing number in the last … Read more

Word Riddle: Find the Words Ending with ‘ANT’

Almost everyone is home world-wide because of the outbreak of COVID-19 or the Corona virus, I thought I will share some riddles to keep everyone occupied. Stay home and stay safe. Here are some clues using which, find the words ending in ANT. One who sees the future Can float Not a vowel Flaky French … Read more

What Is the Highest Number You Can Possibly Score: 7 [?] 6 [?] 3 [?] 1 [?] 5 = ?

Have fun with numbers with this riddle. What is the highest number you can possibly score? 7 [?] 6 [?] 3 [?] 1 [?] 5 = [?] Working from left to right, calculate the numbers in the order shown (without using order of operation). Replace each question mark with a mathematical sign. Plus, minus, multiply … Read more

Word Riddle: What Is That One Word Which Can Be Used to Complete All These Words?

I got this riddle on WhatsApp today. Sharing it here as I found it interesting. What Is That One Word Which Can Be Used to Complete All These Words? (One 3-letter word should fit into all the blanks) De_ _ _ st F_ _ _ Sh _ _ _ St _ _ _ D _ … Read more

Word Riddle: My Nose is Long, My Back is Broad & Round

I got 2 versions of this riddle on my WhatsApp so sharing both so there’s no confusion. Read the hints given in the riddle and guess the word. Version 1: My nose is long, my back is usually broad and in cold weather I am of great use I carry no weight, yet I puff … Read more

Murder Mystery: Who Killed the Chemical Engineer?

Got this riddle on WhatsApp today, found it interesting so sharing it here. Read the riddle and then put your detective hats on to crack this murder mystery. A known chemical engineer professor was found murdered at his home this morning.  The detectives investigated and narrowed it down to six suspects.  The names of the … Read more

Picture Riddle: Can You Find the Snow Leopard Hidden in this Photo?

Test your observation skills with this picture riddle. In the given photo you will see snow and some rocks, but can you also see anything apart from that? Can you see a snow leopard hidden somewhere in the given photo?     So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the … Read more