Brainteaser: How Long Would It Take To Play The Symphony?

Here is a brainteaser to challenge your logical thinking. A school orchestra with 10 musicians can play the first section of a symphony in 10 minutes. How long would it take to play if they added 10 more musicians to the orchestra? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the

Picture Riddle: Can You Find The Cat Among The Owls?

Improve your observation skills by solving this picture riddle. Can You Find The Cat Among The Owls? So were you able to find the cat and solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check if your answer is correct by clicking on show answer below. If you get the

Logical Riddle: How Much Money Did Mark Have?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Mark is throwing his son Stewart a surprise birthday party but he has limited funds. He spent half of his money plus $2.00 on the cake. Half of what was left plus $2.00 was spent on balloons and decorations. Then he spent half of what he had

Word Riddle Games: The Great Christmas Word Scrabble Challenge

Have fun with this interesting holiday special word riddle. In the list below you will see 25 scrabbled words. Rearrange the letters and form words which are related to Christmas. The Great Christmas Word Scrabble Riddle 1. ellbs 2. isentpiota 3. cleand 4. deergigbarn 5. tewhar 6. scralo 7. edinerer 8. gostinck 9. esokoci 10.

General Knowledge: What is the Objective of Administrating Antibiotics?

At some point of time when you were ill, your doctor must have prescribed you some antibiotics. Do you know the objective of it? Find out by attempting this general knowledge question. In certain diseases antibiotics are administered. The object is; A. stimulate production of white blood cells for fighting the disease B. stimulate production