Murder Mystery Riddle: Was it a Suicide or Murder?

Time to play a detective! Read the hints given in the riddle and solve the case. A detective is called at a crime scene. A man is lying dead in front of an abandoned building. According to the local Police, the sole eye witness told them that the man had jumped out of a window

Picture Riddle: Find the Sleeping Baby in the Given Image

Improve your observation skills by solving this picture riddle. In the image below, you will see some babies, all babies are awake ans smiling back at you.Sorry, not all, 1 baby is sleeping and hiding in the picture somewhere. Can you find the sleeping baby in the picture below; So were you able to solve

Word Riddle: I Taste Better Than I Can Smell

Read the hints given in the riddle and guess the word. I taste better than I can smell. And I mostly rest in my den When I am sharp I hurt people. What am I? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check if