Logical Riddle: How Could The Driver Have Seen The Dog In Time?

Read the riddle and then leave your answers in the comment section. A completely black dog stands in the middle of an intersection in a town painted black. None of the streetlights are working due to a power failure caused by the recent storm. A car with broken headlights drives towards the dog but turns

Picture Riddle: Find the Hidden Phone in the Photo

Test your observation skills with this picture riddle. There is a phone hidden somewhere in the photo can you find it? Did you find the phone? How long did you take? Challenge your friends to find it faster than you.

Number Series Riddle: If 21/6 = 2 Then, 27/9 =?

Look at the given equations and find the connection between them. Find the missing number in the equations below; If, 21/6 = 2 12/7 = 3 65/8 = 7 Then, 27/9 =? Were you able to find the logic between the numbers? Did you find the riddle to be easy or difficult? Share your feedback