Fun Math Riddle: Find the Value of A, B & C in the Equation

Leave your answers in the comment section. In the equation below A, B & C represent different digits. Can you find their value from the given information? 3 A + A 3 BBC If you get the answer right, share the riddle with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life

Everyone wants to live a positive life but something or the other happens and they lose all their positivity. If you want to lead a good life you need to stay positive at all times. Here are some simple tips that are very useful if you want to improve your life. Appreciate, appreciate, and appreciate!!!:

Picture Riddle: Can You See the Hidden Animal?

This picture is from my recent trip to Shola National Park. We spotted it in the wild only because it moved, or else it was hiding perfectly among the treees. Can you spot the animal hidden in this picture?