Art Gallery Riddle: Which Painting will the Painter Hang at 9:20?

Time to put on your thinking hats.

In the Art Gallery is a new conceptual art piece.

The artist created a huge pile of different paintings.

Periodically he picks up one of the paintings and hangs it on the wall, and adjusts it.

At 11:00, the painting titled “Number 30” was hung.

At 4:00, the painting titled “Number 240” was hung.

At 7:30, the painting titled “Number 315” was hung.

What painting will the artist hang on the wall at 9:20?

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When you see the riddle you will figure out that the number of the painting would have to do with the angle formed by the 2 hands of the clock.

So let us test it for 11 o clock

The small hand or the hour hand would be on 11 and big hand or minute hand will be on 12.

So the hands are 5 minutes apart.

To find the angle we have to form an equation.

it is known that 60 minutes on a clock are equivalent to 360 deg.

So 5 min angle would be equal to;

Angle = (5 x 360)/ 60 = 5 x 6 = 30 deg.

Hence painting number 30 is hanged.

Applying the same logic for 9:20 we can find the painting number;

At 9:20 the hour hand would be close to 9 and minute hand would be at 4.

So they would be roughly 35 minutes apart.

So angle formed between them would be = (35 x 360)/60 = 35 x 6 = 210

So the painting hanged would be of number 210

* Note that the angles are measured in clockwise direction.

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