Funny Pet Videos: Who Pooped in the Kitchen?

Did you know that dogs can be rats? Watch this tattle tale pooch rat on his brother for pooping in the kitchen. Somebody needs to teach this dog a lesson about solidarity! To all you guilty dogs out there, you never know who you can trust! Who Pooped in the Kitchen? Did you enjoy the

Fun Riddle: How Many Months Have 28 Days?

Answer this fun riddle and leave your answers in the comment section. Some months have 30 days, Some months have 31 days, How many Months have 28 days?? If you know the answer just share it with your friends to have more fun. Answer: All month have 28 days so answer is 12 🙂

Son Of Abish feat. Cyrus Broacha (FULL EPISODE)

Son Of Abish is a chat show which is shot at Canvas Laugh Factory, Mumbai. This episode features the original funny man Cyrus Broacha. Son Of Abish feat. Cyrus Broacha Did you enjoy the video? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

Maths Fun Questions: I am a Four Digit Number

Read the hints in the question and guess the number. I am a 4 digit number My 1st digit is of no use as I still remain same without it. My 2nd and 3rd digits are mirror images. My 4th digit are half of 2nd Can you guess the number? Answer: This could have multiple answers