If January 100 and February 233 Then December = ?

This is a tough one. Let us see who can solve it first. Here is a list showing the month and a number for each month. January 100 February 233 March 334 April 460 May 512 June 645 July 760 August 823 Decipher the logic and find the number for September October November & December

Find the Value of Red Blue and Grey Balls

Here is a riddle in which you have to find the value of missing numbers. In the below picture there are no numbers mentioned but can you find the value of the missing numbers with the help of the given information? Blue Red White +  Blue Red White +  Blue Red White ________________ = White

Brain Study: If You Can Read This You Have A Strong Mind

It is amazing how our brain function at times. If you are able to read the text below you will realize how strong our brain is and how quickly it adapts. At first you the text below won’t make any sense to you but as you try to read it you will automatically start understanding and

Awesome and Creative Advertisement Ideas

I love to follow Creative Advertising. Whenever I see some good ads I like to collect them. Here are some of the ads from my collection. You might have give a second look to some ads to truly understand why they are awesome. I won’t spoil the fun of these advertisements by describing them. I

Who Am I Riddle: First 4 Letters Means Me

Read this Who Am I riddle carefully and guess the word. Solve this!! This is for all masterminds!! I’am a 6 letter word, First 4 is me, 2 and 6 are same letters, 1, 2, 6  means look, 4, 6, 2 means type of payment, Who am l? Hints: – youngster’s favorite…. So were you

Who Has Got the Longest Hair in This Picture?

Let’s test your observation skills today… Look at the picture below carefully and answer the question; Who Has Got the Longest Hair in This Picture? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check if your answer is correct by clicking on show answer below.