WhatsApp Riddle: Find the Missing Dollar

Where does $ 1 go?

A landlord has 3 tenants for three rooms (One each).

Each one of them pays $ 10 as rent on 10th of every month.

Once they paid the rent on 5th of the month.

The Landlord was happy as he got the rent early.

So he called his servant and gave him $ 5 and told him to distribute it to all the tenants equally.

While on way servant thought that it’s tough to distribute $ 5 in 3 people.

So he kept $ 2 in his pocket and returned $ 1 to each of tenants.

Now net amount paid by tenants => 10 -1 = 9

They were 3 tenants.

So Total amount Landlord got = 9* 3 = $ 27.

$ 2 was kept by servant, So now total is $ 27 + $ 2 = $ 29.

While in start the actual amount paid by tenants was $ 10 * 3 = $ 30.

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