Collection of Some Funny Cat Gifs

Pets are one of the best stress busters that one can have. Here are some funny cat gifs that will bring a smile on your face. Share it if you like it. Let me Sleep!! Cat pops a Balloon What the hell is that??? I am a bunny Stop…First your prayers Kitty!! I’m NOT eating

WhatsApp Riddle: How Many Children?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Guess the number of sibling from the hints given, here are the hints; In a big family…… Annabelle n Christopher are twins. Annabelle:”I have 4 brothers! ” Christopher:”I have as many brothers as sisters” many children are there in their family? So were you able to

Whatsapp Picture Puzzle: Find Weight of Rabbit + Cat + Dog

For those good with maths, here is a brain teaser just for you. Looking at the picture you have to find out the asked value. In the Picture you can see different combinations of weights, find ? The picture puzzle is as follows; So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in

Guess the Word: I am a Value

Guess the Word from the given hints. Solve this riddle: I am a word of five letters! I am a value ! If u remove my 1st letter I am after cooked! If u remove my first 2 letters I will become cold. Answer if u r mastermind! So were you able to solve the

Must See This Hilarious Video: Vipul Goyal on Kashmir

An observational and satirical take by Vipul Goyal on the Kashmir issue. In this hilarious video Vipul Goyal has some unorthodox suggestions on resolving the Kashmir issue once and for all. TVF Live Show – Vipul Goyal on Kashmir Qtiyapa Created by: Arunabh Kumar Written and Performed by: Vipul Goyal Co-written by: Piyush Sharma Shot