FIFA World Cup Jokes: Brazil Germany Match Jokes

In the the semifinal match between Germany and Brazil, Germany scored five goals in the first 30 minutes. Almost immediately, memes, trolls and jokes started pouring into Twitter and other social media sites. The final result of the match was; Here are the best jokes and memes I have collected from Twitter, Whatsapp and other

FIFA World Cup Jokes and Trolls: Part 2

Continuing from the last blog FIFA World Cup Jokes and Trolls: Part 1, hope you like and enjoy this one too. With every Football match at the World Cup there are tons and tons of discussions online. All social media sites are buzzing with disscussion on the FIFA World Cup. There are new Jokes, Trolls

Whatsapp Riddle: A Man Donating Rs.100 in 4 temples

Here is a riddle which will make you think and use your logical skills. One person has some money in his pocket; He visits four temples on his way. As soon as he enters a temple, his money gets doubled and he offers Rs.100 in each temple. His pocket gets empty after he returns from

The Curious Case of Vanilla Ice Cream That Puzzled General Motors!

An Interesting Story Never underestimate your Clients’ Complaint, no matter how funny it might seem! This is a real story that happened between the customer of General Motors and its Customer-Care Executive……… A complaint was received by the Pontiac Division of General Motors: ‘This is the second time I have written to you, and I

The Real Life “Babe”: But this One is a Rabbit Not a Pig

Here’s Champis, probably the world’s one and only sheep-herding rabbit… You might have seen the pig in the movie “babe”, do the same stuff. But this one is real…See him in action in the video. This is amazing, and one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! It’s as if Champis was born for this