Witty and Funny Passive-Aggressive Comments

Here are some of the Witty and Funny Passive-Aggressive Comments that I have come across on various social media sites. Some are blunt and some are extremely funny to read. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are a few things that you can try or once you get a hang of it come up with new ones. Do remember to share them with me. 😉

1. Don’t touch my cookie note to whosoever it may concern.


Witty Comments cookies

2. Irritated with the spilling detergent?Witty Comments detergent spill

3. Getting a lot of uninvited guests?? Try this door mat. 😉

Witty Comments doormat

4. Want some one to clean the fridge? Try this…

Witty Comments fridge cleaning

5. Never get the food the way you ordered. Try this? May be next time the waiter will remember to get you the right order.Witty Comments I said no onion

6. Hate some one on office….rearrange his keyboard.

Witty Comments keyboard
7. Neighbor conflicts??
Witty Comments note

8. Person whom you share your bathroom with doesn’t dispose of the used paper rolls…

Witty Comments paper roll

9. For the people borrowing your pen without asking you.

Witty Comments pen

10. Even McDonald’s has to use notes to be passive.

Witty Comments straws

11. Use the Wifi network names to communicate with your neighbors..

Witty Comments wifi

12. When people keep using your things even after you talk to them about it.

Witty Comments drawer



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