River Crossing Puzzle: Two Ladies and Two Girls

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. At Two ladies and two girls need to cross a river in a boat. The boat is big enough for 1 LADY or 2 girls. How do they do it? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You

Mumbai o Mumbai you’re wonderful city

Here’s a beautiful poem written by a talented author Jasraj Sangani Mumbai is rich, Mumbai is poor. Mumbai is fast, Mumbai is slower. Little bit sweet, and little bit sour, Sometimes it’s hot but not more’. Mornings are energetic and evenings are electric. Noons are lazy but Nights are crazy And any one you ask

MIT Math Graduate’s Daughter’s Age

This is a real Tough one even i could not crack it easily… Basically you have to use maths to solve this, while I was trying to use logic 😉 That is a hint by the way. The Riddle is as below; Two MIT math grads bump into each other at Fairway on the upper

The Truth Behind Pedigree Dogs: A BBC Documentary

Pedigree dogs are suffering from genetic diseases following years of inbreeding, an investigation has found. A BBC documentary says they are suffering acute problems because looks are emphasized over health when breeding dogs for shows. The programme shows spaniels with brains too big for their skulls and boxers suffering from epilepsy. The Kennel Club says