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Whatsapp riddles with answers

Picture Riddle: How Many Circles Can You Count

how many circles picture riddle Leave your count in the comment section. In the picture you will see some circles with a common center point. Can you count all the circles in the picture? Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: 9 Circles. 4 inner circles + 4 outer circle + 1 center circle. Continue reading →

Fun Riddle Games: Re-arrange These Scrambled Words II

riddle games unscramble words Have fun with this word riddle games. There are 10 words scrambled and their meanings are mentioned in the brackets. If you get all 10 right your vocabulary is awesome. Here are the hints; UTLMNA (A City) RQIA (A Country) RNUES ( A Profession) ERLARIT (A Vehicle) LNSUG (A Body Part) ULSTO (A Flower) ANORGD […] Continue reading →

Logical Riddle: Find Who the Thief is

find the thief logical riddle Three people met at a corner of a street. They all are dressed like cops, so they don’t know who the thief is. The cops will always tell the truth and the thief will tell the truth too to make himself appear like a good cop. If their names are Alex, Bruce and Calvin; and […] Continue reading →