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Guess the 11 Letter Word: 8,9,1,11 Letters Represent Residence

Guess the word from the hints given; I am a 11 letter word. My 8,9,1,11 letters represent the residence. 7,2,9,5 is the place where we can swim 1,4,5,11 is a unit of distance 10,9,3,6,5 is an international prize 2,9 letters are same 6,11 letters are same. Answer to Guess the Word Riddle: My 8,9,1,11 letters… Read More »

One Flower & Fruit Name Which is Same as a Sweet Name

With Diwali round the corner we should have riddles and topics related to sweets, lights, happiness and fun. I hope you enjoy your Diwali and enjoy my blogs too. Do leave your comments, feedback, answers and more riddles in the comment box below. So here is a riddle where you have to guess the name… Read More »

Count The Number of Triangles in the Picture

Count the Number of Triangle in the Picture below. Answer: The number of small triangles = 16 The number of medium sized triangles (made from 4 small triangles) = 7 [1 (Top Row) + 2 (Middle Row) + 3 (last row) + 1 (upside down) = 7] The number of large triangles (Made from 9… Read More »

Whatsapp Riddle: Find the Next Letters in the Series

Find the next letters in the series RA    SC   TE QC   RE    SG PE    QG   ?? Answer: If you see the boxes you will notice a pattern. From all directions you will get the answer as RI.  

What Would be the Maximum Distance Covered by the Scooter

A man is riding a two-wheeler scooter on a challenging road. The tires/tyres wear out quickly on this road. He has 1 spare tire so 3 tires in total. Each tyre can go a maximum of 10 km. What is the maximum distance that the man can cover? Answer to Scooter Riddle: 2 tyres will… Read More »

Whatsapp Riddle: Boy Writes Hotel With Matchsticks and Girl Replies

Once in a while we get a riddle to which no one knows what the exact answer is. because we can’t track what the creator of the riddle had on his mind. This is the similar kind of riddle which one of the blog followers sent me. Now I honestly don’t know the exact answer… Read More »