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Whatsapp riddles with answers

What Comes Next in the Sequence: 1, 8, 81, 1024, ?

What comes next in sequence 1 8 81 Enjoy this fun brain puzzle and share it with your friends too… This is a tough one, if you are able to crack this you are a genius. Look at the given numbers and guess what comes next in the sequence; 1, 8, 81, 1024, ?   Answer: The sequence follows the following logic; 1^2 […] Continue reading →

Fun Brain Riddles: Palindromic Digital Clock Riddle

palindromic digital clock riddle We at least look at a clock once in a day. Have you noticed this? Time in a digital clock can be palindromic; For example 01:10 (same when read forwards or backwards). i.e. it is 1 past 10 no matter which way you read it. What’s the minimum interval between 2 times that are palindromic? […] Continue reading →