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Whatsapp riddles with answers

Who Am I Riddle: First 4 Letters Means Me

Who am I first 4 is me Read this Who Am I riddle carefully and guess the word. Solve this!! This is for all masterminds!! I’am a 6 letter word, First 4 is me, 2 and 6 are same letters, 1, 2, 6  means look, 4, 6, 2 means type of payment, Who am l? Hints: – youngster’s favorite….   Answer: First […] Continue reading →

Who Has Got the Longest Hair in This Picture?

Who has longest hair Let’s test your observation skills today… Look at the picture below carefully and answer the question; Who Has Got the Longest Hair in This Picture? Answer: I guess 6 is the answer to this because that girl is holding her hair till her hands that should be about 2 to 2 and half feet. It […] Continue reading →

Riddle: Who Does The King Select as His Heir?

King chooses a heir Read the riddle carefully and answer the question. King Arthur ruled a large kingdom. The queen had already passed away and he had no heirs for his throne. As he was dying he wanted to pass on the kingdom to someone good. He called upon all of the teenagers in his kingdom and gave each […] Continue reading →

Get Result as 1 from Three 9s

Get 1 from three 9s In a job interview, you are asked the following mathematical riddle: Use three 9’s in a mathematical expression without dividing or multiplying in order to form the number one. Will you be able to answer the question? Answer: There’s only one way in which we can get the result as 1 from three 9s, which is; The […] Continue reading →