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Whatsapp riddles with answers

Fun Brain Quizzes: I Am Eight Letters Long

Fun Brain Quizzes eight letter word Try out his Fun Brain Quiz and leave your answer in the comments. I am eight letters long – “12345678” My 1234 is an atmospheric condition. My 34567 is what you hold in a business My 4567 is to appropriate. My 4545 is bye. My 678 is a man’s name. What word am I? Answer: My […] Continue reading →

Fun Riddles: How are The Man And Woman Related

Find the relationship between man and woman Here’s a Marathi Riddle that I got on WhatsApp. Translated it to English so that  everyone understands it. A Man and Woman are travelling on a bike. The Traffic police stops them at a signal. He asks them how are the related. So the boy answers; “Her father-in-law is my father-in-law’s father”. Can you find out […] Continue reading →